UC Davis Health – Site Survey

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“Brand implementation strategy, a path of travel study, vehicular access, pedestrian access, public transportation routes, and over 1200 signs on over 140 acres. You can do that in a week, right?”

-Project coordinator

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, my employer was tasked with conducting a survey on the entire UC Davis Health campus. We already had approval for conducting the surveys, which were needed for an assortment of reasons, so I put on gloves and a mask and spent a week surveying a hospital campus during the opening weeks of the pandemic.

The result was a 642 page interactive PDF with links to sections of the campus map, a matrix of sign types, and the exact locations, images, and specifications of over 1200 signs on a campus that spanned over 140 acres.

Luckily the survey was outdoors and the foot traffic was light, but the work was extensive, grueling, and under the pressure of more than one deadline. Turned out the information I collected was also used in preparing overflow treatment centers, testing sites, and eventually vaccination sites both on the campus and nearby.

It was dirty work, but it probably helped thousands of people.