UC Davis Health – Point West Clinic

Shannon Leigh Associates (Agency) – Print, Environmental, Client Presentations and Collaboration, Negotiations with City of Mountain View, Coordination with Fabrication, 3D Modeling, Site Surveys, Wayfinding and Identification Assessments

“The client needs a scale 3D model of all three options in less than four hours, I told them no problem. It’s no problem, right?”

-Project manager

Sometimes you just don’t get the time to do it the way you want, but it has to be accurate! This is where knowing the programs inside and out can help.

Exporting a DWG from the EPS vectors of the front elevation provided by the architect and importing them into your 3D workspace will get you the general shapes and measurements, but that’s only the start. From there you must figure out what part of the building to include, and what parts to omit. You then must get the schematic drawings from another department and implement them in the model as specified.

While not my favorite exercise, I usually like the more creative jobs, this was a challenge I enjoyed. There is a technical side to graphic arts in the computer that I respect and find fulfilling at times. That said, a little more time is always appreciated.