Kaiser Permanente

Shannon Leigh Associate (Agency) – Branding, Environmental Graphics, Print, Design Presentations, Fabrication Packages, Site Surveys, Customized Builds

Working for Kaiser Permanente is an exercise in keeping to strict branding and design specifications. The creativity comes in finding ways around problems in the environment that are not foreseen by the brand standards yet staying within the typography, color, form, and function established and maintained by the corporation.

While each location has subtle differences in the wayfinding and identification, the goal of any vendor working within the KP system is to establish an atmosphere of quality and reliability that conforms to the choices made in the standards manual.

Three years working with KP I built out the branding, wayfinding, and identification packages for the following locations:
San Francisco (4 sites)
Oakland (4 sites)
Walnut Creek (3 sites)
Pleasanton (3 sites)
Santa Cruz
Scotts Valley
Sacramento (2 sites)
San Leandro
Santa Rosa