ECH Exterior Manual

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“All that work you just did, we need you to make a manual so other people can easily follow it. And make it easy to use, like ridiculously easy.”

-Project Manager description of the job.

The culmination of thirty months of development on the exterior experiential design at the Mountain View campus of El Camino Hospital. After the final decisions on colors, materials,, shapes and sizes, illumination, and positioning of the signage was completed I was tasked with building the exterior standards manual that would be used for other locations and for replacement/expansion of the now current system in use.

This 130 page interactive PDF was developed for ease of use by creating a network of links within the document. From the Table of Contents, any page in the book can be easily reached with a click of the item’s name or page number in the ToC. From there the individual pages link to other sections of the manual that contain pertinent information concerning the structure or application in question.

Detail documentation from fabricators, engineers, and from my work as the lead designer and electrical engineer on the project combined to create this guide for future work. Full PDF available upon request.