ECH Exterior Campus Entry Signs

Shannon Leigh Associates (Agency) – Print, Environmental, Client Presentations and Collaboration, Negotiations with City of Mountain View, Coordination with Fabrication, 3D Modeling, Site Surveys, Wayfinding and Identification Assessments

“We want it professional, we want it clean, and we need to get it through the city. Show us something.”

-Client’s first words at the first design review

The signage at El Camino Health needed a remodel. The campus was changing, the brand was changing, the business model was changing, so the experience of the people coming for healthcare had to change along with it.

The challenge that we encountered for the following 30 months was to please all of the people involved, and then get the City of Mountain View to allow the signs. Everything was scrutinized, discussed, debated, paired down, expanded, and the end product was something all of the internal stakeholders enjoyed.

Designing the structures and typography, making the displays technically perfect, involving engineers for earthquake and wind sheer requirements, collaborating with the fabrication and installation, and working directly with the city to get permit approval was my job. After many frustrations and celebrations the designs were accepted, built, and positioned, and the client couldn’t be happier with the result. So much so they asked me to create a manual for future construction.

Full sized PDF and SketchUp files available upon request.