CNU Health – Exterior Campus

Shannon Leigh Associates (Agency) Sub-Contractor for Fong and Chan Architects – Print, Environmental, Client Presentations, Wayfinding and Identification Assessments

“New Building, New Branding, for all intents and purposes we are building a new campus. We need the graphics to show people who we really are from the start.”


California NorthState University is more than just a Nursing and Medical academy of higher learning, they are also a premier provider of healthcare in the Sacramento area and they are building a tower of steel and glass to show it. The architects at Fong and Chan have done amazing work designing a counter-balanced structure that seems to fly, now they need the brand implementation to make that final statement.

Drawing on the best of clean, dynamic, and fun designs from around the world, I collaborated with half a dozen artists, materials specialists, landscape architects, and electrical engineers to develop the proposal that brings CNU’s professionalism and style to life.

Still in development, the client has used the selections we presented to make a hybrid design that will be implemented once the building and the grounds are ready. An exciting new beginning to this local resource in the healthcare industry.