Smoke Free, Live Free, Love Free!

By: BW Ellis
Originally Published: September, 17th 2014

Note: Written for an article on a Cannabis legalization blog and for Newsvine.

As separate as they may seem the reason for the guilt or shame associated with the prohibitions on lurid sexual behaviors and recreational marijuana usages come from the same place. 

Neither come from a public health standpoint; just ask any marijuana advocate about the dangers of cannabis and you will be treated to a long list of legal substances that cause greater harm. Furthermore look at how the sky has not fallen (nor ever will) since the widespread acceptance of gay marriage in our society and the persistence of men and women to have safe sex outside of wedlock.

If you really want to know who is keeping the wraps tied tight on these “sins” look no further than the institutions of faith in your neighborhood. Now, even to the most devout follower of any faith the facts are the facts, yet with every passing study, with every new revelation about how happier people are when open to express sexual and herbal freedom the side of morality digs in deeper when they really should be running our way.

Carl Ruck, PhD of the Ohio Academy of Medical History makes a compelling argument that Jesus used cannabis in his anointing oils, that in and of itself should expel anything the local priest or pastor may say in contradiction to the use of marijuana by any in their flock.

As for sexual relations, never once did Jesus discuss homosexuality and is even fairly famous for protecting a prostitute from being stoned to death. Besides, does anyone know a 30 something Jewish male who has not been hounded to death by his mother for some grandchildren?

From these we can infer that any Christian would be following in the footsteps of their savior by using marijuana and enjoying in sexual relations however there is a great deal more to this than centuries old scripture and the local patch of holy ground.

Within us lies a personal morality at work, and when we are in a loving relationship with that one person who means everything to us, or a lustful tryst with “what’s his name” from the local dispensary, it is our choice to make how we live our lives.

The personal freedom to choose whom you love and whether or not you use anything to augment the experience can and should only be decided by you. The tea toddlers of the early 20th century used religion to shame legislatures into starting this prohibition, we know better than that now, we are better than that now. 

For centuries further back in history the same fire and brimstone became the cudgel that burned women, doomed “bastard” children, and potentially destroyed the honor of families with fear of what could be understood in a far more enlightened way.

Faith can be a wonderful thing, so celebrate your faith by living as freely and as openly without guilt as you can. Make up for the centuries of closed societies and black robed tyrants telling your ancestors how to live their lives by exploring sexuality to it’s fullest.

All the sacrifices of generations past and present have delivered unto you the freedom to love who you want, how you want, and with a joint smoldering between your fingers.

The true sin would be to let that all fall by the wayside in fear. There is nothing more beautiful that an open spirit expressing themselves as a caring person while embracing the one they lust after.