Zuckerberg San Francisco General (ZSFG)

Shannon Leigh Associate (Agency) – Branding, Environmental Graphics, Print, Design Presentations, Fabrication Packages, Site Surveys, Digital Displays, 3D Modeling 

Nothing comes easy, especially at the only trauma care center in the San Francisco peninsula. ZSFG is a melange of buildings that are as advanced and modern as any built in the world right alongside some of the oldest historical structures in the city.

This combination of modern and historical makes for some of the most complex identification, wayfinding, and especially branding efforts I have ever encountered. Couple that with the need to service the most at-risk communities in the area and you get a potent mix of design challenges.

Building signs that include three languages, a digital directory that is future proof enough to integrate with modern cell phones while being simple enough for people to use when facing their greatest challenges, making a place that had endured decades of weather and use feel welcoming and at home, these are just a few of the obstacles that I faced in the three years I worked on bringing the campus into the 21st century.