Town 29 Apartments

Shannon Leigh Associates (Agency) – Print, Environmental, Client Presentations and Collaboration, Coordination with Fabrication, Site Surveys, Wayfinding and Identification Assessments

“We don’t have a brand for the sign, but we need something. You can do that, right?”


Sometimes brand implementation required brand development. Rafanelli and Natas Management Corp. designs, builds, and manages mixed use and multi-unit residential properties all over the San Francisco Bay Area, but when they came to use they wanted to do something different. They wanted to make their latest venture in downtown Oakland special, a destination that felt hospitable like a hotel, but comfortable to live in.

Coming to us near the end of the process we dove right in suggesting branding options and a style that complimented the beautiful work already done. The end product was a strong and fun brand with a style of interior experience that tied natural wood tones with the brushed and polished metals used in the construction.