Ronald McDonald House

Shannon Leigh Associates (Agency) – Print, Environmental, Client Presentations and Collaboration, Coordination with Fabrication, Site Surveys, Wayfinding and Identification Assessments

“It’s rare you get to work with something that is completely good, that is designed to delight.”

Walking around the Palo Alto location for Ronald McDonald house, seeing the families there, the children, you cannot help but feel the power of the place. Feel the responsibility you have to try to make the place better, to make it a little easier to navigate, or a little more fun for the children to experience.

This opportunity came as a simple need to replace some old parts of the interior, and to give the residents something to interact with, that wasn’t imposing.

Using a fine linen pattern for the background, we tried to include something of the outside world, some biophilic element to the presentation. In the lobby, a sculpture of a tree stands with small remembrances of the residents hanging from its limbs. That piece held so must prominence that we employed it on the identification tags to be installed throughout the site.