Paramedics Plus

Paramedics Plus

Vehicle and Wall Graphics

Whenever you are working with a municipality or a business that provides services under the color of authority you have to follow strict guidelines that operate outside the average day for a graphic designer or production specialist.

Paramedics Plus offers such a challenge with their fleet of ambulances and support vehicles. From exacting specifications for the reflective materials used, to the size and positioning of the branding, to the flawless application, this client presented a variety of obstacles.

Hundreds of vehicles that need to have a graphic consistency that rivals even the most demanding of branding requirements. This client trusted us to create and maintain the array of hyper-specific graphic pieces fulfilling the requirements of both their own demanding and scrutinizing eye, but also that of Alameda County.

When you see these vehicles around town know that my fingerprints are both figuratively and literally on them.

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