Lehmer’s GMC Environmental Signage

Lehmer’s GMC Environmental Signage

Art Director, Graphic Designer

Environmental signage for temporary or permanent display is always challenging, especially if you have to use the existing structures that are easy to damage. Lehmer’s wanted temporary signage for their main display as well as more permanent signage for their commercial department.

The challenge behind the work had to do with using an existing structure that scratched very easily for the first part and creating a semi-permanent sign that did not require permitting for the second.

My solution for the first was to use an aircraft cable strung in such a way as to avoid contact with any of the surfaces while printing the graphic on a mesh substrate that was soft to the touch and allowed the wind to harmlessly pass through it. Add some strategically placed grommets for the bolts and we were able to supply a customized banner that could be easily taken down at the conclusion of the promotion, and then reused later.

The solution for the semi-permanent sign was to use portable post holes that could be driven into the ground. Since the structure was not tied into the power and did not attach to any other permanent structure it was able to be used without any permitting requirements by the local government. The finished product was a far cleaner presentation than the previous banner, would last longer, and be easily changeable to suit the client’s needs.

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