ECH Exterior Wayfinding and Directory

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“If people can’t find their way, all this new construction is really for nothing. It must be clear, to the point of absurdity.”

-Facilities Manager, ECH

Art serves many needs, in the case of El Camino Health is served the very important need to get people where they need to go on their most stressful day. An expecting mother, a cancer patient, a loved one who is visiting their family members, they are not in their right mind, so when we create the signs that guide them, we must get it right.

With stakes like these it’s little wonder that the project underwent over a dozen reviews, required a ridiculous amount of site surveys and client meetings, and eventually was set up to be the clearest and most direct messaging that we could have accomplished.

When this wayfinding system was presented to the City, they where surprised at the 112 exterior signs we proposed. After hours of discussion and deliberation, even the planners in City Hall had to agree with our design strategy.