ECH Exterior Building/Parking Entry

Shannon Leigh Associates (Agency) – Print, Environmental, Client Presentations and Collaboration, Negotiations with City of Mountain View, Coordination with Fabrication, 3D Modeling, Site Surveys, Wayfinding and Identification Assessments

“I need to see it, I need for my elderly father to see it while going 50 mph.”

-Lead Architect

When I work on wayfinding, branding, or even simple identification my rule is simple, if you have to ask for directions then I didn’t do my job.

Making certain that the entry signage is clearly visible both day and night is of vital importance for parking and building entries. Here are a sampling of the dozens of structures I generated signage for. Collaborating with our team of planning professionals and fabrication experts I created a system for welcoming people without the confusion that a maze like campus can produce.

Full PDF and SketchUp files available upon request.