Brenden Theaters Modesto Box Office Wrap and Lighting

Brenden Theaters Modesto Box Office Wrap and Lighting

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Environmental Lighting Engineer

The Brenden Theater location in Modesto, Ca is a historical landmark that was built in the 1950″s when classic cars cruised the streets as neon was all the rage. The facade of this grand building is a sight to behold at night, but the dated colors and building materials of some of the surfaces needed to be updated.

Since the structure was protected we needed to be very careful how we handled the request from our client to alter the look of the box office whose tile surface had become outdated, chipped, and an eyesore. After completing several wraps in Concord and Vacaville for the theater chain they asked that we handle the rebranding of the structure looking to reconnect with the “American Graffiti” history of the town.

We took the client through several ideas but at the end of the discussion, the concept that stuck with the owner of the theater and the managers from Brenden was a mixture of the classic cars and neon concept we introduced. They wanted to see people engaged with their location as much as they were with the feeling of going to the movies.

To connect the two concepts I started playing with wireframe reproductions of cars that we usually used for our design mock-ups. These frameworks gave me the paths that I was able to stroke with multiple layers and effects to come up with the neon looking art they wanted to see. They liked the look, the way it catered to the concepts while keeping interest, and how we planned to over illuminate the box office that was otherwise difficult to see from the street.

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