Brenden Theaters Concord Outer Wall Wraps

Brenden Theaters Concord Outer Wall Wraps

Graphic Design

Several years before the Brenden Theaters location in Concord, Ca covered several walls on the exterior of the business to keep the look and feel of the theater in the style that better conformed to their brand. When major repairs to the building destroyed the graphics we were tasked with replicating the artwork, without any of the original artwork.

Since any alterations to the work would require corporate approval we were tasked with precisely duplicating the design while improving on some problems the client had with the original work. This was difficult because we did not have any of the original artworks and the measurements of the building had altered during the repairs so we had to start from scratch.

They knew that some of the imagery had been billed as stock photography so after a lengthy search I found the images and discovered the reason for the problems the client had with the original work. The images were too small. In order to fulfill the requirements, we needed to contact the original photographer and purchase the Camera Raw files that were not available online. Once that was finished I was able to properly process and enlarge the files for use on the wall, apply them to the schematics I generated off of measurements taken on location, and regenerate the graphics.

Since another issue the client had was visibility through the glass I re-engineered the printing to use an assortment of separate panels for each of the sections of the doors and the glass. The metal was wrapped in IJ35c with an 8508 gloss laminate while the glass was covered in a specialized perf film and laminate.

All three of the walls were rebuilt in the computer so the wall wrap would have the needed bleeds and overlaps for an easy installation. I even produced application guides to ensure the job was done correctly and to the client’s specifications.

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