AML Website

AML Website

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The Amy Mclaughlin Lifestyles website was an especially challenging piece of marketing material to put together because of the wide array of services she provided. It was literally like building four different websites in one.

The primary source of revenue and activity for the business was wedding planning so when I built the homepage of the site I predominately focused on that offering. The images filled the screen and gave a larger than life feel to the site. Since the name and brand of the site revolved around Amy, her image and style had to be the driving force behind everything without limiting her scope.

To resolve the issue of trying to sell not only the wedding planner but also the fashion event work, the interior design, and the style coaching she offered I suggested we use color to split the site. The style, fonts, and format were consistent throughout while the base color of the pages informed the visitor to where they were on the site.

This blend of stylistic change and navigational aid gave the site a sense of separate parts feeding into a whole that sold the diversity of what she offered.

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