BW Ellis

Senior Graphic Artist, Writer

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From a professional standpoint, I have two great loves in my life, writing, and design. The drive to tell stories with both words and images, communicating concepts, and building artwork in the lived space pulls me in many directions while providing some of the most fulfilling moments of my life.

I am a senior-level graphic design professional with over two decades of experience in many aspects of the art and an amateur writer looking for a place to publish my novels while feverishly working on my next offering.

On this site, and in my efforts to become a published author, I use the abbreviated form of my name, BW Ellis, but I am Brett to my friends and associates. I use the initials to avoid conflict with another established author for whom I have a great deal of respect and because it was the way my mother always wanted me to present myself.

Writing a story or an article that moves a person emotionally is as rewarding to me as building a directory that helps people move when they are most emotionally vulnerable. Creating fantastic environmental displays for people to experience satiates the same desires as dreaming up different worlds that challenge my characters while telling an engaging story.

Finding a place to fulfill one of these aspirations is difficult enough, yet I am still looking for a vocation that can provide for them both. A place where my ability to communicate and dream fits into my expertise with graphic design software and the intricacies of fabrication and material management.

Over the decades, I have developed other attributes. Leading and mentoring others while navigating some of the most demanding clients and situations in the experiential design industry, the challenges, and dedication of running my own business as an entrepreneur, the humbling experience of getting an idea so wrong as to be cut off before finishing the presentation. These life lessons accompany the hundreds of projects and dozens of clients I have been privileged enough to work with.

Looking ever forward, I seek the next challenge. Finding a new way to put my expertise to work, be that writing my next novel, designing for new and innovative clients, collaborating with other experts who can help me grow, or building something that will give aid and joy to those who see it, that is my ultimate goal.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my work and visit the pages of this website that house a small collection of the myriad works I have accomplished in my professional and amateur aspirations.

Two more of my favorite things, my Specialized mountain bike and the view of the city of San Francisco from Alameda Point.